Academic Appeal Letter Sample

PowerShell is a scripting software that allows Windows managers to execute a much higher range of tasks than other scripting languages. The format of the terminology may seem confusing initially if you are new to PowerShell. But by taking advantage of the extensive aid method integrated for the PowerShell demand setting, the basics will be quickly mastered by you. Things You’ll Need Some type of computer with Microsoft XP. Recommendations Start Notepad by pressing the Screen brand key + R on your keyboard, then form “notepad” into the “Work…” discipline and click “Enter.” Form the next signal into the notepad document: $strComputer = “.” $colItems = get -wmiobject -school “Win32 Process” -namespace “rootCIMV2” -computername $strComputer foreach ($objItem in $colItems) Create-host $objItem.Caption Create-sponsor $objItem.ExecutablePath Create-host $objItem.ProcessID Save the document as “H:ListProcessInfo.ps1.” Open PowerShell by pushing the Windows Crucial + R in your keyboard, then writing “powershell” and pressing the “Enter” key. Form “H:listprocessinfo.ps1” and click on “Enter” to accomplish the program.